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t must be somethng that we call love 
Wherever I go I'm comng back
And tme cannot knock me off my track,
Ths resoluton s fnal
It must be somethng that we call love
It's when you're cravng to say her name
And my realty seems to break apart
Wth her arrval.

No need to worry, ran fallng down
It's our happest story
And there's no one around
We wll go for t
And I know you'll be mne, forever
Wndows wde open, flyng so hgh
Both of us roamng through magnfcent sky
Ran keeps on fallng,
And I know you'll be mne forever.
It must be somethng that we call dream,
When all you told me I know by heart
The type of beauty I call supreme
And how t's drvng me crazy.


You'll always sng me somethng new
I wll always follow
When I frst saw you here
I knew that I was blnd before you.

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